Rider Etiquette

Tips for riding in groups including what to do if you get dropped or have a mechanical issue

It’s a pretty rare event but, sometimes participants do get dropped off the back of the group on our social rides and lose sight of the other riders. The nature of these rides is that they can become quite lively at times, especially on hill climbs and as we near the tea break. So please don’t panic if you get momentarily detached, follow the guidelines below and you will soon be back with the group.

The guidelines 

The ride leader will let you know the general geography of the ride and the location and name of the café stop.

If you do get dropped on a climb the group will reform at the top of that hill to wait for you. If you get dropped on the flat the group will be waiting for you at the next turning. So keep going and don’t panic.

If you have a puncture or other mechanical let someone know around you as the group will wait and you will be given help to get going again.

The ride leaders will make their mobile phone number available to everyone at the start, so if you get really lost or have a mechanical and nobody has noticed, give the ride leader a call so they can come and get you to re-join the rest of the group.

Familiarise yourself with the general geography of the route as posted on the Crawley Wheelers website, there is a remote chance that you will have to find your own way home if you get lost.