Reliability Rides

Reliabilities are a traditional part of club cycling and great fun that provide a bit more of a challenge than a normal ride and great winter training.

The Key point about reliabilities is to finish the ride in the chosen time. The time must allow for cycling at an achievable speed, a food stop (normally quicker than a standard cafe stop) and a puncture stop or two (10-20 min).

Riders must register their proposed time / distance and be ready to leave at the set times. There is a fee sometimes of £2, this is small fee compared to the entry cost of Sportive’s up and down the country.

What ride is best for you:

A great Newhaven route is

100.5 km.

Some of us can just manage 28km/hr (17.4 mi/hr)

So that’s 100.5/28 = 3.6hr which is about 4 hr with a quick stop (C ride).

Many can manage 4.5 hr with a 20 min stop, which is still 24 km/hr (14.9 mi/hr B Ride guidelines)

Most can manage 5 hr with a 20 min stop, which is 21.5 km/hr (13.4 mi/hr A ride Guidelines).

It is important that riders do have contact details, maps, satellite navigation etc. especially for the faster groups.

The slower rides leave first so may be overtaken by the faster rides. This can help if a rider gets into trouble: often more riders are behind.

Riders should:

  • Make sure your bike is reliable
  • Bring a map and or sat nav with route
  • Be familiar with the route
  • Bring money
  • Bring puncture repair kit – make sure tubes haven't damaged by rubbing in your saddle bags
  • Bring bars and gels because you will need something half way there and halfway back even if you don't normally.
  • Choose a time that it achievable and stick to it: allow for the fastest speed the rider can maintain, a 20-30 min stop and 10 min for a puncture repair
    Remember: a reliability is about self sufficiency and participants should be capable of navigating for themselves, especially in the fastest of the groups: sometimes things don't go as expected! The fastest ride cannot normally wait for people dropped and may not be able to wait for puncture repairs so don't choose the fastest ride if you don't want a challenge. If you want, ask someone the same speed as you if you can stick together whatever happens. If you need a more supportive environment then choose a club ride. If you want a challenge then go for the reliability.