Club Rules

  1. The Annual Subscription. The Annual Subscription shall be reviewed and confirmed at the Annual General Meeting for the following classes of membership.
    1. Senior, one who is over the age of 18 years at 1st January of the relevant year or upon joining.
    2. Junior, one who is over the age of 16 years at 1st January of the relevant year or upon joining.
    3. Juvenile, one who has not reached his/her 16th birthday at 1st January of the relevant year or upon joining.
    4. Family Membership: - A subscription equivalent to one senior subscription plus thirty-three per cent shall be payable to cover membership for all members living at the same address, providing:
      1. This does not include more than two seniors.
      2. That any juniors are still in full time education.
    5. Senior Citizens shall pay fifty per cent of the current senior subscription.

      The subscription shall be due on joining and annually on the anniversary of joining thereafter.

  2. Election of Members. Applications for membership and renewal shall be submitted on the online form available on the Club website. All members must have third party insurance via current membership of one of CTC, British Cycling or British Triathlon Association The committee reserves the right to reject any application. In this eventuality the subscription amount already paid will be refunded.

  3. Club Officers. The officers of the Club shall consist of:
    • President
    • Chairman
    • General and Membership Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Marketing and Communications secretary
    • Road Race Secretary
    • Time Trials Secretary
    • Cyclo-cross Secretary
    • Runs Secretary

    All Officers of the Club shall be elected annually at the AGM. The elected officers shall recruit and appoint ex-officio officers of the club into roles such as, but not limited to, Auditor, Press Secretary, Social Secretary, Club Coach, Timekeepers, Handicappers, Webmaster, Events co-ordinator.

  4. Life Membership. Life Membership may be granted to members having rendered outstanding service to the Club in an official capacity or have brought high honour to the Club as an active participant in the sport. Election to such membership shall be by ballot and shall be affected by a majority vote of at least four-fifths at a General Meeting on a resolution placed on the Agenda.

  5. Rights and privileges of Members, President & Vice-Presidents.
    1. A member shall on election become first claim unless he or she is already a first claim member of any other club, in which case they will be second claim. A member may change this status by applying in writing to the secretaries of both clubs concerned and by resigning from first claim status of the club concerned.
    2. All members of age 16 and over, except day, second claim and Associates, shall have the right to vote at General Meetings and to stand for election to any office in the Club, except that second claim and associate members may, at the discretion of the Committee, be proposed for office.
    3. A Life Member shall have the rights of a Senior Member and any additional rights as may be granted.
    4. The President shall have all the rights of a Senior Member and shall be entitled to attend all meetings of the Club and Committee.
    5. Vice-Presidents shall be entitled to attend all General Meetings and to vote at such meetings.

  6. Termination of Membership. Any member wishing to terminate his or her membership shall be entitled to do so only by giving notice of resignation to the General Secretary.

  7. Expulsion of Members. The committee reserves the right to expel any member from the club after due and fair process including the right of members to a personal hearing before the committee.

    Such member shall have the right of appeal against the action of the Committee before a Special General Meeting called for the purpose, at which a majority vote of two-thirds shall be required for the action of the Committee to be altered or annulled. Voting shall be by ballot. Any member who is expelled remains liable for any debts due to the Club and will be required to return at once any Club property that may be in their possession at the time.

  8. General Meeting.

    1. A Special General Meeting shall be called by the Secretary within 14 days of receiving a request from the Executive Committee, or on a requisition signed by seven members. A notice of the meeting and the agenda, giving full particulars of the business to be discussed, shall be sent to all members giving at least seven days’ notice of the meeting.
    2. The Annual General Meeting. The financial year shall end on 31st December and the Annual General Meeting shall be held in February or March. Items for the agenda must be received by the Secretary in writing 14 days before the Annual General Meeting. A notice of the meeting and the agenda shall be sent to all members giving at least seven days’ notice of the meeting.
    3. A quorum shall be 10% of the membership eligible to vote, with a minimum of 20 members.
    4. Voting, where not provided otherwise by the rules, or if a ballot has not been demanded, shall be by a show of hands.
    5. General Meetings may be conducted wholly or in part using video conferencing. Voting for members attending general meetings via video conferencing shall be counted via electronic polling.

  9. Management.

    1. An Executive Committee shall be responsible for the management of the Club and shall consist of: - The Officers of the Club (Rule 3), with the exception of the Vice-Presidents.
    2. A quorum shall consist of five members.
    3. The Executive Committee shall be empowered to:
      1. Decide on any question arising out of the interpretation of the Constitution, General Rules of the Club, alter and interpret the Racing Regulations of the Club and on any matters not covered thereby. Any matters arising that conflict therewith shall be decided upon only at a General Meeting
      2. Fill for the remainder of the year any vacancies that may occur in the offices of the Club.
      3. Elect delegates, as may be required, to those bodies to which the Club is affiliated.
      4. Authorise the co-option on to any sub-committee any persons (not necessarily members) for a limited time and for specially defined purposes.

  10. Inventory of Property. An inventory of the Club property shall in every year be prepared by the Treasurer with the assistance of the other officials.

  11. Finances. All monies received by officials on behalf of the Club shall, after deduction of any relevant expenditure authorised by the Executive Committee, be promptly forwarded to the Treasurer of the Club. Cheques drawn on the Club's banking account shall be signed by the Treasurer and countersigned by one other authorised signatory. Books of account shall be kept by all officials handling Club monies, showing therein all financial transactions for which, they are accountable and such books shall be audited at the end of the year by the Auditors. Receipts shall be given by officials for all monies collected from members.

  12. Club Colours. Crawley Wheelers Club colours shall be Yellow, Black and White.

  13. First Claim Members.

    First Claim Members. First claim members are eligible for Club Records, Trophies, Standards and other competitions listed in the Racing Regulations. Day members are excepted from the above.

    Second Claim members are eligible for Club Standards and shall be riding in the name of Crawley Wheelers during the standard performance.

    All claims for Records and Standards shall be made to the Time Trial Secretary and shall be supported by evidence in the form of an official result sheet or certificate signed by an approved timekeeper.

  14. Affiliations. The Club shall be affiliated to such bodies as agreed by the committee.

  15. Alteration. These General Rules shall not be altered except by a proposal appearing on the Agenda of a General Meeting and passed by a majority of two-thirds of those members present and voting thereon. However, the Executive Committee shall have the power to approve changes and make corrections to the editorial which do not affect the meaning of the rules.

  16. This Club shall be called Crawley Wheelers.

  17. THE AIMS AND OBJECTS of the Club shall be to further the sport and pastime of amateur cycling in all its branches; to encourage good fellowship; to promote sporting and social events that will assist in the attainment of these ends.

  18. No member of the Club shall receive-payment for his or her services.

  19. ALL PROPERTY AND INVESTMENTS of the Club shall be vested in the Trustees for the benefit of the Club in accordance with these Articles of Constitution.

  20. DISBANDMENT. No resolution involving disbandment of the Club shall be effective unless such has been passed by a majority of not less than five-sixths of those present, and voting thereon at a Special General Meeting called for that purpose.

  21. DISPOSAL OF PROPERTY AND ASSETS. In the event of the Club being disbanded, any property or assets remaining shall not be distributed amongst the Members, but be devoted to a Club or Association with similar aims, or to a philanthropic or charitable purpose.

Appendix – Racing Regulations


    For the purposes of these Regulations the following Classes are recognised and defined:

    1. Juvenile is one who has not reached his or her 16th birthday on the day of the qualifying event.
    2. Junior is one over 16 years of age and remains eligible to compete as a Junior until 31st December in which his or her 18th birthday occurs.
    3. A Juvenile may compete as a Junior and Senior, and a Junior as a Senior in all events and competitions organised by the Club.
    4. Senior is one who is over 18 years of age subject to 1.3 above
    5. Veteran is a Senior who is 40 years of age and over on the day of the qualifying event.
    6. Women: the Classes 1.1 to 1.5 inclusive apply equally to female members. This class is recognised as a separate class for Club Records (Reg.8) & the Ladies Trophies. There are no other separate competitions for ladies at the present time.


    1. A member shall not enter a Club, Association or Open Event until his or her subscription is paid.
    2. All entry fees shall be agreed at the Annual General Meeting.
    3. Eligibility & claims for Trophies, Records Standards and other Competitions listed in these Regulations shall be in accordance with Club Rule 13,
    4. The Executive Committee shall have power to alter and interpret these regulations (Ref Rule 9c)
    5. A member in violation of these regulations may be disqualified from taking an award.
    6. Riders who are not a member of a CTT registered club may pay an additional levy to enter a club event, such a levy granting said rider day membership of Crawley Wheelers.
    7. Riders whose membership has lapsed will also need to pay the additional levy before being allowed to compete in a club event as a day member
    8. Points gained in club competitions by riders whose membership has lapsed, and who subsequently re-joins, are at the discretion of the Time Trial Secretary or Cross Secretary. Only current members are eligible for trophies in one off races.


    1. The Club Event and Evening Events Programme shall be presented and agreed at the Annual General Meeting, subject to R.T.T C. approval
    2. Prize Awards for Club Events shall be subject to the number of entries:
      1. One entry, no award; 2-5 entries 1st fastest;
        6-10 entries 1st fastest and 1st handicap;
        11-14 entries 1st fastest and 1st & 2nd handicap;
        15 or over 1st & 2nd fastest, 1st & 2nd handicap.
    3. Where the Club Handicapper decides there is insufficient information to be able to frame a Handicap, an award for the fastest Veteran on Standard, and/or Junior, and/or Juvenile, may be substituted for the Handicap award(s) in 3.2.1, providing that at least one third of the total number of entrants are in the appropriate classes.
    4. A rider who qualifies for both a fastest time and a handicap/class award in the same event, shall receive both awards.
    5. The value of the prize awards shall be fixed by the Club Treasurer at the end of each season.


    1. The Competitions shall be as follows:-
      1. Club open to all classes at 25, 50, 100miles, l2hrs
      2. Veterans only at 25, 50, 100miles, l2hrs
      3. Junior & Juveniles at 10, 25, 50 miles
      4. Juvenile only at 10, 25 miles

        Note: although 4.1.1 is open to Juniors & Juveniles, and 4.1.3 is open to Juveniles, it is not the Club's policy to encourage these classes to compete in the longer events.

    2. The B.A.R.Competitions shall be based upon each rider's fastest single bicycle or tricycle performances during the season, in the eligible events relevant to the appropriate Competition (see 4.1). Such performances to be calculated (to three places of decimals) in terms of miles per hour, and the average taken of the resultant speeds.
    3. For the Veterans' Competition the average of the resultant speeds from 4.2 shall be compared with the average of the resultant speeds, calculated using the rider's Age Standards listed in the Tables published by the V.T.T.A. ,for the relevant events.
    4. Eligible events shall be Open, Association and Club events.


    Points shall be awarded for each of the evening events as follows:-

    1. 30 for 1st fastest, 29 for 2nd and so on in descending order to 1 point for 30th place.
    2. The Trophy shall be awarded to the rider with the highest aggregate of points from a maximum of nine rides.
    3. This competition is open to all classes.


    1. Points shall be awarded in each Club Event, except the Evening Events as follows:
      1. 30th for 1st fastest, 29th for 2nd. 28th for 3rd, and and so on in descending order to 1 point for 30th place.
      2. Regulation 3.5 applies
    2. The trophy shall be awarded to the rider with the highest number of points
    3. This competition is open to all classes.


    1. The All Members Competition shall be based on the accumulation of points awarded to Members riding in a number of time trials grouped into the categories shown below and selected from the

      R.T.T.C. London South District Open Event programme, and when thought appropriate, Crawley Wheelers Club Events programme

    2. Categories:-
      1. 25 miles - four events
      2. Non standard distance - two events
      3. 50 miles - two events
      4. 100 miles - two events

    3. Definitions:- Member(s) = Member(s) of Crawley Wheelers Event(s) = Selected Event(s)
    4. The Club Executive Committee shall be responsible for the selection and publication of the Events and shall select only those events, which it is reasonable to assume that an entry from any Member will be accepted. The events shall, where possible be spaced about two per month in order that Members may take part in other racing activities.
    5. The points shall be awarded to each Member as follows:- 1 point for starting and finishing a qualifying event plus 10 points for fastest, 9 points for 2nd, and so on, down to 1 point for 10th.


    1. The Club recognises Club Records in the various classes set out in the Tables of Competition Records included in the current issue of the RTT.C. Handbook and invites claims from first claim members who improve on the current best performances. The following conditions apply:-
    2. All claims shall be made in accordance with Club Rule 13, a suitable form is available from the Time Trial Secretary.
    3. All claims shall be submitted for approval by the Executive Committee via the Time Trial Secretary.
    4. The course shall be certified by the appropriate R.T.T.C District Council.
    5. The Timekeeper shall be an approved R.T.T.C. Timekeeper, except that in a Crawley Wheelers Club Event, the Timekeeper shall be one on the list of Club Timekeepers (see Club Rule 3).
    6. Eligible events shall be Open, Association, Inter- Club and Club events, except for teams (see 8.8)
    7. Where a rider of a restricted class (e.g: a Juvenile) improves a best performance in another class(es), that performance shall be considered to be the best performance in all other appropriate classes.
    8. Claims will be considered from Teams of three. Eligible events shall be Open, Association and InterClub events when there are three or more other clubs competing.
    9. The following awards shall be issued to all principals:
      1. Individual records (including tandems) - a Club medal.
      2. Team Records - a Club Certificate.
      3. In the case of 8.7 above the principal shall receive one award which shall be inscribed with the name, time and all the relevant classes.


    Crawley Wheelers recognises Club Records for Veterans competing on single bicycles and tricycles at 10, 25, 50 and 100 miles, 12 and 24 hours, and invites claims from first claim members who have improved on the current best performances subject to the following special conditions: -

    1. The Club Records are based on the amount (Plus) by which the claimant's time or distance exceeds the appropriate Age Standard, listed in the Tables published by the V.T.T.A.
    2. Claims will be considered from members whose time or distance has exceeded the standard for their age by a greater amount (Plus) than the existing record amount (Plus).
    3. Claims will be considered from Teams of Two whose aggregate 'Plus' is greater than the existing aggregate 'Plus'.
    4. General conditions 8.2, 8.3, 8.4 8.5, 8.6, and 8.9 shall also apply.


    Crawley Wheelers recognise the following Place to Place Records:

    1. Crawley - Brighton - Crawley
    2. Crawley - Chichester - Crawley
    3. Any member wishing to add to the above list shall obtain the approval of the Executive Committee, who shall set a lowest standard time.
    4. Any member wishing to make an attempt on an existing record or lowest standard shall give at least seven days written notice to the Time Trials Secretary together with the current entry fee.
    5. All claims shall be submitted for approval by the Executive Committee via the Time Trial Secretary together with a certificate signed by the Timekeeper and the observers on the route and at the turns.
    6. The Timekeeper shall be one from current list of approved Timekeepers
    7. In the event of there being more than one attempt on the record on the same day the riders shall start at 10 minute intervals
    8. Subject to the agreement of the Timekeeper any attempt may he postponed. The Time Trials Secretary shall be notified immediately & new date and time agreed if required.
    9. A club medal shall be awarded to the successful rider inscribed with the details
    10. The turn at Crawley shall be the following circuit, entered and exited to suit the attempt Southgate RAB - Brighton Road - Goffs Park Road - Horsham Road - A23 - Southgate RAB
    11. Turn at Brighton - Aquarium RAB
    12. Turn at Chichester as allowed by the one way traffic system.


    are recognised as follows:

    Distance Gold Silver Bronze
    10 miles 23m 30s 25m  29m
    25 miles 1 hour 1hr 7m 1hr 14m
    50 miles 2hr 4m 2hr 20m 2hr 32m
    100 miles 4hr 20m 4hr 50m 5hr 15m
    12 hours 240 miles 220 miles 200 miles
    24 hours 440 miles 410 miles 380 miles

    for female riders add or subtract 10% as appropriate.
    Veterans:- V.T.T.A. Rules apply.

    The following conditions apply:-

    1. Any member wishing to attempt a standard performance shall notify the Time Trial Secretary on the form provided together with the entry fee, if appropriate, before the attempt is made.
    2. The notification (& entry fee) shall be per each standard time or distance and shall apply for the whole season or remainder as appropriate.
    3. A Club Certificate shall be awarded inscribed with the best performance attained during the appropriate season.
    4. A Club Medal shall be awarded in lieu of certificate if an entry fee has been paid.
    5. The following regulations shall also apply, 82, 8.4, 8.5, 8 6

This publication dated 18th February 2009 includes all amendments to the Rules and Racing Regulations made at General and Committee Meetings prior to this date.