New club kit on sale now

We’re delighted to announce that the new club kit shop is now open. As promised every member will get a £10 credit when they create their account.

The shop will be open for 2 weeks, so you’ll need to get your orders in before 14th November.

To access the shop click the link below:

I have attached the FAQs from Bioracer and below are a few more FAQs.

Why is the shop only open for 2 weeks?
Because the kit is made to order. When the 2 week window is finished Bioracer will make all of the kit in one batch and send it to a club representative who will then distribute it. This makes the process slightly quicker and saves you having to pay postage.

Can I buy kit another time?
We are planning on having a few shop windows per year so you will be able to order kit another time. If there is enough demand in between the planned times then we can ask Bioracer to open the shop again at any time.

Some of my family are Crawley Wheelers members. Do we have to order separately to get the £10 credit?
Yes, each member will have to order from their account to get the £10 credit. Since there is no postage cost then this won’t add any additional costs to your order.

Terms and conditions
To qualify for the £10 discount you MUST be a paid up member of the Crawley Wheelers. If you order kit using the discount and are not a paid up member then you will be required to renew your membership or pay the club £10 before you receive your kit. The discount is a £10 credit for use on any items in the Bioracer shop.

What about socks?
Club socks will be available separately. More info about these will be available in the next couple of weeks.