CWRT Club rides

As some of you may know there has been a regular CWRT ride on Sunday mornings, these rides  now start at Crawley Library.  This ride is aimed broadly at those people considering racing and is open to all club members - broadly speaking if you can ride with the E Ride you would be capable of riding with this group.

The key differences to the other club rides are that the rides are non-stop (i.e. no coffee stop) so you need to load your pockets/bottles up and that they start at 8.30am due to the increased distance being ridden.  They are very friendly though and no one will ever be left behind so do feel free to give it a try.  Distances vary but in the winter tend to be 65-75 miles and more like 75m+ as the weather warms up.

Due to the relative experience of riders, the CWRT rides are slightly less formal in terms of route planning and ride leading and are organised via an App called Spond.  if you are interested in joining them  please message and you be added to the Spond group so you can see what is happening rides wise. Also feel free to reach out to Mark if you have any questions about these rides.

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