Riding the Southern XC MTB Series

We chat to Crawley Wheeler Georgina Wise about racing the Southern XC MTB Series, where she placed an incredible 3rd position, overall, in the Expert Women's category. 

When did you get into cycling?

I got into cycling around 3 years ago when my mum and her partner suggested going out for a ride. I then started cross racing on a mountain bike, and before I knew it I was borrowing my brother's cross bike and got stuck in and saw myself entering cross races and mountain bike races.

Can you tell us about the Southern XC MTB Series?

The mountain bike season this year was short and sweet with only 4 races in the Southern XC. I moved into the Expert category so my focus and determination were still at high levels. The southern XC races this year were tough to get into as there were not so many races to ‘get into the groove’ of things. The entries were high and the atmosphere at all the races was great. There was such a great group of people attending these races and the organisation of them was of high quality. This year races were held in Winchester, Fareham, Basingstoke, and the New Forest so there was a little bit of travelling but they were great days out with the added bonus of being lucky with the weather.

Which was your favourite course?

This has to be Fareham with the fewest straight sections and the most twisty sections so the technical skills came into play. The hottest race of the year was the New Forest with the temperature going up to 29! The gravel fire road section of the course was brutal, they were not shaded and the sun just reflected off the gravel. Not to mention one or two of them were also on a climb.

How would you sum up your race season/what's next for you?

Coming 3rd in the Expert Womens category in the overall series was amazing, all the hard work had paid off. Next up is Cross. The season is fast approaching, starting in September so keeping up with the training and I am determined to do my best for this season

CW MTB Race.jpeg