2019-12-08 Sunday E Ride to Farncombe

08 Dec 2019 09:30

This week, we will cycle to Farncombe. The route is here.

Stop: Hector's on the Wey Bistro (and quick stops for energy bars half way there and half way back)

Ride Captain: Phil Smith

Distance: 90 km

Elevation: 782 m

Guide Speed: 26-27 km/hr

Meet: near Wilkos, Broadway, Crawley, 

Time: 09:15 for a 09:30 departure

Risk assessment: click here.

Don’t forget: 2 tubes with the right length valves, decent tyres (not super-thin race tyres), a tyre boot (Park Tool TB-2 or equivalent) in case you split a tyre, and a working pump

Tip: How to set up emergency details on Iphone and Android.

90 kmDistance
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