Crawley Wheelers CC - 10 #2

30 May 2024 at 19:45
Horne Park Golf Course car park (///petal.record.option)

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Horne course. Flat, quiet 10.

Distance:10 miles
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First off, a massive thank you to not only the six hardy souls who turned out to race last night, but also Simon, Wendy, Ray, Sam and Wayne, for coming to marshall.
Wayne and myself were first to arrive and both sat in our cars, watching the rain and asking each other if anyone was going to turn up. Given the rain had been fairly persistent I took a spin around the course to check for standing water, luckily there wasn’t much, and by the time I got back our first rider, Lucy, making a welcome return to the TT fold. Shortly after that Michael Mackie appeared and then Sandy, who’d bust a gut getting to the course, thinking it was a 19:00 start and enduring a very limited choice of gear ratios.
As marshalls headed to their corners, the last of the riders rolled in, giving us a starting field of six.
The rain held off for the start, leaving the riders with the challenge of some standing water, thankfully not enough to call the ride off, but about 15 minutes after the start there was a brief shower, but this had finished before the first rider finished.
After a little confusion on the timing front, sorry we aren’t as slick as Mr Woods, here’s the results :-
1) Sandy Dobiecki - 24:16
2) Tom Lund (TT) - 24:53
3) Brian Maher - 26:37
4) Michael Mackie - 26:57
5) Lucy Caroline Williams - 30:48
6) Mark Penfold (TT) - DNF (front tyre puncture)
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