Evening 10 - #2

13 May 2021 at 19:15
Horne Golf Course

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Distance:10 miles
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A field of 27 enjoyed another great evening of racing at Horne tonight. The second Crawley Wheelers Cycling Club 10 Mile TT delivered some superb results.
The Crawley Wheelers youths are really putting the adults under pressure. Both Ella Chatfield and Oscar Nisbett demonstrated their skills, determination and strength putting down some excellent times. Surprisingly Oscar managed to get exactly the same time as last week even after missing the turn and having to back track. Supporters tonight specifically commented on Oscar’s cornering skills at the top end of the course!
Tonight, Lucy and Georgina joined Ella in representing the ladies, all doing really well. It would be good to see more of our female riders on the course as this is such a friendly and supportive event. It is a great way to test your own speed and have a bit of fun in a not too competitive environment.
The fastest riders of the night were Kevin and Mark, however, they had to be disqualified as they rode as a 2UP. Seriously though, they looked really strong, and we wish them luck for their race on the 23rd May.
The quickest independent rider of the night was Paul Newsome. The fastest road bike was Sandy.
Thank's again to all our marshals and supporters.
Your results were:
1) Paul Newsome 22:40
5) Matt O'Brien 24:55
8) Lee Pendlebury 26:01
9) Ben Watts 26:33
11) Tim Caig 27:05
12) Stacey Manwill 27:12
13) Oscar Nisbett 27:21
14) Paul Budgen 27:49
15) Wayne Bailey 27:52
16) Mjc Chatfield 28:04
17) Luke Clifford 28:16
18) Gary Cann 28:35
19) Darren Boakes 28:47
21) Simon Orsborn 29:19
22) Georgina Wise 29:46
24) Don Reed 29:55
25) Ella Chatfield 34:50
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