Hill Climb

15 Apr 2021 at 19:00
Top of Brantridge Lane

Event info

Thursday night Time Trials return at 7pm tonight to the 1.75 miles Brantridge Lane climb - GH/85 - www.strava.com/segments/7317022

Numbers will be available to collect at the finish (top of Brantridge Lane), so leave enough time to get warmed up and down to the start at the bottom. I don't want warming up on the climb once the 1st rider us off, due to the narrowness of the road!!!!

Please remember your rear lights. It is now a requirement for TTs.

I think you'll agree the following is all common sense, but we must adhere to the National guidelines in order for this event to go ahead:

  • Competitors should not attend if they feel ill in ANY way or if family members have any symptoms of COVID 19.
  • We are using a very quiet country lane, but please be aware of other users safety in respect of distancing and visibility - particular with relation to local residents.
  • Numbers will be distributed on the grass at the entrance to Brantridge Park. They have been sanitised so please only pick up your allocated number. Each number has x4 pins attached (if you do not need the pins feel free to remove them for the race but please remember to re attach them when finished).
  • There will be no "Holding" push starts.
  • After finishing, you should unpin your number and drop it into the bag provided where it will be sanitized later.
  • Please avoid loitering after the event in the normal way and go home as soon as you are ready.
  • No results will be given out after the event but will be posted on the club website and Facebook as soon as practically possible.

It's still not too late to join in!

I have room for 40 starters in total, so just let me know....

Your provisional starting order is as follows (Subject to change, so please check before taking your number):

1) 7:01 Oliver Haysom
2) 7:02 Oscar Nisbett
3) 7:03 Don Reed
4) 7:04 Grant Farrow
5) 7:05 Simon Orsborn
6) 7:06 Sam Goodhead
7) 7:07 Wayne Bailey
😎 7:08 Malcolm Wornham
9) 7:09 Jamie Goodhead
10) 7:10 Georgina Wise
11) 7:11 Nathan Peppercorn
12) 7:12 Sam Bird
13) 7:13 Lucy Caroline Williams
14) 7:14 Ben Watts
15) 7:15 Sam Cheesman
16) 7:16
Matt Lendon
17) 7:17 Michael Mackie
18) 7:18 Jim Haysom
19) 7:19 Anthony Grey
20) 7:20 Stuart Nisbett
21) 7:21 Matt O'Brien
22) 7:22 Dougie Fox
23) 7:23 Caven O'Hara
24) 7:24 Rupert Robinson
25) 7:25 James Cheeseman
26) 7:26 Sandy Dobiecki

Good luck to all participants!

Distance:2898 yds
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26 hardy soles, including 3 Juniors, turned out in the cold tonight to tackle the formidable Crawley Wheelers Brantridge Lane climb.

It went down to the wire, with Sandy (6:14) taking the win at the very end by 6 seconds from Jim (6:20). The only thing separating Sam & James was an E!

(6:38) Lucy (7:35) took the prize as 1st of the Ladies, and Oscar Nisbett (7:08) as top Junior - Mixing it with the old guard and nipping on the heels of his Dad too......

An honourable mention must go to our youngest competitor, Master Oliver Haysom. A Sub 10 minute time of 9:38. Just 38 seconds to find between now and August! ;)

Thank you to my helpers, and to the Holden's for their Family crowd.

Your results were:
1. Sandy Dobiecki 6:14
2. Jim Haysom 6:20
3. James Cheeseman 6:38
=. Sam Cheesman 6:38
5. Matt O'Brien 6:42
6. Anthony Grey 6:44
7. Stuart Nisbett 6:52
8. Rupert Robinson 6:57
=. Michael Mackie 6:57
10. Ben Watts 7:05
11. Oscar Nisbett 7:08
=. Matt Lendon 7:08
13. Dougie Fox 7:13
14. Nathan Peppercorn 7:20
15. Wayne Bailey 7:29
16. Lucy Caroline Williams 7:35
17. Jamie Goodhead 7:45
18. Malcolm Wornham 7:52
19. Caven O'Hara 7:56
20. Georgina Wise 7:58
=. Sam Bird 7:58
22. Simon Orsborn 8:08
23. Sam Goodhead 8:38
24. Don Reed 9:12
25. Grant Farrow 9:16
26. Oliver Haysom 9:38

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