21 Mile Sporting Time Trial

29 Apr 2021 at 19:00
Faygate station car park

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Slightly longer version of the week before. Great course!

Distance:21.71 Miles
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The numbers were a little lower tonight for the Crawley Wheelers 21 TT, however, for a cold evening in April on a hilly route a field of 11 was not bad. Based on previous years this was a good turnout for this event.
Martin clearly felt 21 miles was not enough, so decided to add another 5 miles to his route. He obviously came back a lot later than the rest of the field but remarkably still had a huge smile on his face and was in good spirits.
Lucy represented the ladies and came in with a respectable time looking strong on the bike. Lucy is leading from the front; motivating the ladies and putting her money where her mouth is. Next week we are on the Horne course for the 10 miler. Last year this was very well attended by the ladies, so we are looking forward to more joining Lucy.
Rupert looked very strong and managed to get a PB for the second consecutive week.
The night belonged to Mark Smith who broke the course record. He still managed to wave and smile to the camera.
Your results were:
  1. Mark Smith 49:55
  2. Kevin Nelson 51:03
  3. Rupert Robinson 52:54
  4. Sandy Dobiecki 56:41
  5. James Cheeseman 58:08
  6. Sam Bacon 58:10
  7. Anthony Grey 1:00:07
  8. Lee Pendlebury 1:01:21
  9. Lucy Caroline Williams 1:08:18
  10. Sam Bird 1:13:31
  11. Martin Schiele 1:34:04
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