Sat/E 15Feb - Tonbridge

15 Feb 2020 09:30
Crawley - The Broadway Opposite Iceland

Ryan Machin takes you to Tonbridge. It's a relatively flat route overall especially the outbound sector. Mid ride stop at 65mm Coffee in Tonbridge. Keep an eye on "Dennis" as at the mo conditions are looking marginal.  ENJOY.

The vital stats are;

i) Ride Capitano : Ryan Machin

ii) Departs : Crawley - The Broadway opposite Iceland

iii) When : 09.30 sharp departure, be there or miss out

iv) Speed : Guideline speed 16-17mph average

v) Destination/Stop : 65mm coffee Tonbridge

vi) Distance & Elevation : circa 56m / 770m

* Respect the road * Ride and enjoy * Read the Risk Assessment

 Crawley Wheelers Risk Assessment

General Info - What is the Saturday E ride?

* The Saturday E ride is the speediest Saturday Club Ride.
* No drop ride, re-group on hills with a cafe stop.
* It is there for those members who have and will progress through the Saturday ride structure and want to push themselves.

Ride guidelines are;

* Speed : 16-17.99 mph average
* Distance : 45-65 miles so circa 70-110 kms.




56 milesDistance
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