CW- C-Ride, 15/02/2020, 38.5m, Lindfield Coffee Works, with Simon Edwards

15 Feb 2020 01:16
The Broadway, opposite the new Iceland, next to Wilkinsons
CW- C-Ride, 15/02/2020, 38.5m, Linfield Coffee Works, with your ride leader for the day: Simon Edwards
!!!! This ride may not go ahead. Refer to any updates, posted after 8pm 14/02/2020 !!!!
Simon will be continuing some of the lessons learnt from Ride Leader Training:
  • Better communication of issues and hazards, all the way through the group, from front to back, and vice versa
  • Looking back to check what's happening
  • Tight group riding, flats and hills, riding to the pace of the slowest riders
  • Staying 2 abreast
  • No one riding off the front, unless on pre-designated, pre-agreed, sprint points (flats or climbs)
Winter start time!!!!!!
Meet time: 09:15am
Depart time: 09:30am sharp
Meet venue: The Broadwalk, (next to Wilko's, opposite the new Iceland)
Distance: 38.5m
Climb: 2622ft

The official stuff:For ride risk assessment, and all matters of safety, refer to the website.
How to load the route onto your Garmin:
1. Open the route in Strava by clicking on the link
2. Click on “Export”
3. Choose your device type from the dropdown list. GPX is best for mapping devices with base maps installed, TCX for those devices with breadcrumbs
4. Save the file to the “Garmin>NewFiles” folder
5. Restart your Garmin and navigate to the Courses section
6. For Garmin 800 devices turn-by-turn routing is OFF by default. You will need to turn it on if you want prompts. All other devices are OK.
To help you all enjoy your weekend rides the Ride Organisers and I would like to remind you when on a club ride to:
  • Listen to the ride leader’s instructions
  • Follow the official route
  • Do not ride off the front of the group
  • Stop at the top of climbs and at junctions to enable the ride to re-group
  • Enjoy the tea stop and support local businesses
If you are thinking about taking up cycling or are picking up the sport again then come along and pick a ride to suit you. There is a no drop policy on all our rides however we would also ask you to consider the distance, elevation & pace.
38.5 milesDistance
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