Crawley Wheelers CC - 10 #1

05 May 2022 at 19:15
Horne Park Golf Course car park (///petal.record.option)

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Horne course. Flat, quiet 10

Distance:10 miles
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Tonight, saw the first of the 10mile TTs for the 2022 season. Usually, we would be on the Sporting 14 and 21 courses at this time of year but to maximise the ever-popular 10s, we started early.
With Chris and Denise away (convenient!) and a skeleton crew I didn’t manage to get any pictures I am afraid but the 21 riders that took to the start all know they looked great!
For the first of the year there were some great times with some close to last years times and other already bettering themselves.
We had youths, seniors, veterans, and that was just the Marshals, so a massive shout out to the ever-present Holdens (Sam, Ray and Wendy), and Stu N for not feeling 100% and helping marshal.
Top step tonight went to Paul Newsome (TT bike) but Sandy recons he took 45 seconds off his previous times with his first TT on his new road bike (money can buy speed!)
The middle order was close with Oscar N once again laying down the challenge for the Youths, but biggest shoutout of the night to Phoebe Budgen. Although having done the course before, she was a little nervous so we let her ride with her dad, Paul, as a 2 up. All reports say that she dragged the old boy around the course and he only took the wind at the junctions when he thought someone was watching. A very respectable time from you young lady witch apparently included a tangle with some bushes, some more to come there.
Anyway, back on the same G10/39 course at the same time, 19:15hrs for you all to improve your times and for some late starters to post their first time of the year.
Your results were:
Paul Newsom-22:13
Sandy Dobiecki-22:49
Paul Batten-23:35
Paul Tippett-23:39
Matt O'Brien-24:12
Rupert Robinson-24:44
Rob Pelham-24:49
Oscar Nisbet (y)-24:52
Jim Henson-25:33
Alex Trim -25:54
Mike Mackie-26:11
Rodger Hutchings-26:31
Alex Main (y)-26:43
Sam Cheesman-26:48
Matt Lendon-27:05
Adrian Feasby-27:13
Lucy Williams-27:25
Sabina Hickmet-30:00
Brian Jones-32:03
Paul & Phoebe Budgen (y)-33:09
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