Crawley Wheelers CC - 10 #5

09 Jun 2022 at 19:45
Horne Park Golf Course car park (///petal.record.option)

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Horne course. Flat, quiet 10

Distance:10 miles
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As I promised, the drizzle made a perfectly timed break for tonight's Crawley Wheelers Cycling Club 10 mile time trial.
The grey clouds would have put some off, but 13 took the gamble and posted a time.
Our one and only guest took the top prize this time around. Dan came along last week to get his Mum involved. They were most complimentary about our Ladies only TT, so thank you again to all those that helped us make it happen 😊
The lovely Denise Page is unfortunately under the weather at the moment, so no pictures from us, although I believe Allan Stone was caught wielding his camera phone...
Your results for the evening were -
1) Dan Gardener 22:29
2) Paul Newsome 22:52 (TT)
4) Paul Tippett 24:21
5) Rob Pelham 24:39
8) Oscar Nisbett 25:41
9) Anthony Grey 26:19
10) Sam Cheesman 27:37 (Fixed)
11) Paul Budgen 28:01
12) Darren Boakes 28:58
A thank you to my marshals, Wayne Bailey, Simon Lang and Adrian Riddle.
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