Crawley Wheelers CC - 10 2-up

16 Jun 2022 at 19:45
Horne Park Golf Course car park (///petal.record.option)

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Time to pair up.

Horne course. Flat, quiet 10

Distance:10 miles
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The heat relented a little this evening, although try telling that to the Ladies, Gents, Boys and Girl who beasted themselves for in tonights 2up!!
It resulted in some quick times, and not just from poor Simon, who was dragged round screaming by Stuart 🤣
Ella Chatfield was the only one to go round solo, but even so, set her best time of the year so far!!
No more Horne for a while. We head to Lowfield Heath next week for 4 consecutive weeks (just under Gatwick airport).
No pictures from me again, although Allan brought his big camera out tonight....
Your results for the evening were:
  1. Sharon Chladek & Sally Gardener 29:46
  2. Ella Chatfield 31:44
  1. Dan Gardener & Paul Newsome 21:41
  2. Alex Main & Oscar Nisbett 24:53
  3. Sam Cheesman & Allan Stone 25:53
Thank you to our cheerers, and my helpers, Simon Lang, Ag Nellys & Wayne Bailey
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