Crawley Wheelers CC - 10 #6

21 Jul 2022 at 19:45
Horne Park Golf Course car park (///petal.record.option)

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Back again.

Horne course. Flat, quiet 10

Distance:10 miles
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The dark, heavy evening lifted to reveal some quick times tonight.
Great to see Sarah returning from Mid-Sussex Tri and another new face in Paul, even if he did unfortunately miss a turn. Can you be the one to show him round next week in the 2-up?
7pm early start for the following social event at Smallfield Manor Cricket Club!
Your results for the evening are:
1. Sarah Summerskill 28:50
1. Oscar Nisbett 25:08
2. Alex Main 26.07
3. Oliver Haysom 29:17
2. Paul Tippett (TT) 23:42
4. Sam Cheesman (Fixed) 25:56
5. Matt Lendon 27:15
6. Adrian Feasby (TT) 28:08
8. Paul Miles DNF
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