Evening 10 - #4

27 May 2021 at 19:45
Horne Golf Course

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Distance:10 miles
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There was a definitely feeling of Summer in the air tonight at the Crawley Wheelers 10 Mile TT at Horne. There was an impressive turnout of 33 riders.
The youths were well represented with 4 juniors riding tonight. All looked very strong and professional. If they keep going as they are Crawley Wheelers will have an impressive line-up of future racers; it is exciting to watch.
This evening Oscar was the quickest of the youths, but all looked impressive.
The ladies had a total of 5 riders including Ella. It was great to see the return of Nataliya who was the fastest lady of the night. Jo rode well on her first ever TT.
The men had a great night of riding. A special congratulations has to go out to Mark Penfold who rode the circuit twice. He managed very respectable and comparable times of 26:55 followed by a 26:50.
The fastest road bike this evening was Kevin with a time of 22:48
The quickest TT bike was Paul with a time of 22:12
We post the overall times for everyone. However, what we cannot show is how everyone is doing individually. Many of the riders are seeing great personal improvements as the season is progressing.
Thank you to all the marshals, starters and timekeepers. The supporters were out again in force; they are all greatly appreciated by all the riders.
Your results for the night are:
  1. Danny York 23:51
  2. Ben Watts 26:20
  3. Gary Cann 27:24
  4. Tim Caig 27:34
  5. Oscar Nisbett 27:44
  6. Alex Main 28:03
  7. Darren Boakes 28:23
  8. Carl Wright 28:30
  9. Ken Taylor 30:01
  10. Jo Silner 30:33
  11. Andy Webber 31:19
  12. Helen May 31:38
  13. Oliver Haysom 31:45
  14. Ella Chatfield 33:06
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