Evening 10 - #12

22 Jul 2021 at 19:45
Horne Golf Course

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Distance:10 miles
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Back to Horne this evening for the Crawley Wheelers Cycling Club 10 mile TT. A field of 21 started tonight and for the first time in a long time had the opportunity of a ‘Pushed Start’.
Luckily it had cooled down from the blistering heat of the day and there was very little wind. It was the perfect night for smashing PBs with 2 thirds of the field making gains. Darren Boakes found 50 seconds whilst Grant took 1.5 minutes with his new TT bike!
Oliver is very close to ducking under the 30 minutes; he looks as if he certainly has the ability and determination to find those final 7 seconds
Julie Lang was on target for her PB but sadly missed a turn. She is confident she will get it before the end of the season.
There was a lot of overtaking tonight which made it very exciting to watch.
The quickest road bike tonight was a returning Paul Tippett and fastest overall was Paul Newsome
Finally, very well done to Wendy Kay Holden, who was a timekeeper tonight. She did a great job on a busy night.
Your results were:
1) Paul Newsome 21:54
3) Danny York 23:26
5) Paul Tippett 24:52
8) James Cheeseman 25:22
9) Ozzy Nisbett 25:41
12) Terry Morgan 26:10
13) Alex Main 26:33
14) Matt Lendon 26:37
15) Sam Cheesman 27:00
16) John Osbourn 27:19
17) Darren Boakes 27:33
18) Paul Budgen 28:01
19) Oliver Haysom 30:07
20) Helen May 31:46
21) Julie Lang 36:49
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