14 Mile Sporting Time Trial

22 Apr 2021 at 19:00
Faygate station carpark

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Awesome sporting TT course

Distance:14.06 miles
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The second event of the Crawley Wheelers Cycling Club 2021 TT season was well attended. It was a cold evening for the 14-mile club event, but we still had a good turn-out of 21 riders.
Tonight’s’ event had a mixture of Crawley wheelers TT virgins (welcome to Nicky Wilson, Duncan Howarth and Martin Schiele), some faces we have not seen for a long time and some regulars.
Everyone rode well and seemed generally pleased with how the season has started. Sadly, Don did not finish tonight due to a mechanical, but luckily Suzie was there to save the day.
Mark had a great ride and managed to take first place ahead of Kevin.
Everyone has put down their marker, setting an exciting start to the Crawley Wheelers 2021 TT season.
Your results were:
1. Mark Smith 31.52
2. Kevin Nelson 32.58
3. Rupert Robinson 34.06
4. Paul Batten 35.13
5. Sandy Dobiecki 35.59
6. Nicky Wilson 36.31
7. James Cheeseman 36.55
8. Jim Haysom 37.16
9.George Higgs 37.29
10. Michael Mackie 38.15
11. Matt O'Brien 38.39
12. Anthony Grey 38.53
13. Ben Watts 39.37
14. Mark Penfold 39.49
15. Duncan Howarth 40.49
16. Sam Bird 41.39
17. Wayne Bailey 42.37
18. Mike Oliver 44.03
19. Simon Orsborn 45.00
20. Martin Schiele 47.34
21. Don Reed DNF
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