Sussex CA Hilly

03 Mar 2019 at 08:30
Handcross, West Sussex

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Distance:25 miles
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What a great first day of time trialling for the Wheelers today.

Brutal conditions made for a pretty sketchy race and was a battle of nerves as to how long you could stay down on the bars. I was blown right across the road at one point (need to put some weight back on!)

9 Wheelers were on the start sheet and only one decided the wind made a running race a better option (but I won't shame Martin by naming him). Just getting 8 of us there was some achievement as loads of riders were DNS due to the weather.

Steve McMenamin pulled his back getting his bike out so was a DNS and Stuart Nisbett punctured making him a DNF. Iain Duncan also punctured but managed to roll back on a flat for the last 5 miles or so.

We took the team win with Rupert Robinson and Paul Batten backing me up to beat a strong South Downs team whilst I took the win and first vet on standard.

Ride of the day though was clearly Adrian Riddle in the road bike category who showed up in shocking conditions (albeit I had warned him of the shame of a bit of weather stopping him!) but left his shoes at home (perfect excuse not to ride!) but went home and got them. His enthusiasm is a great credit to the club.

The next races to enter at the SCCU sporting 10 and 25 on 23/24 March so time to get entering. Great events for any newcomers who fancy testing out their spring fitness.


1 Mark Smith Crawley Wheelers 59.05
2 Pat Wright Paceline 59.39
3 Simon McNamara South Downs 1.01.34

6 Rupert Robinson Crawley Wheelers 1.06.16
7 Paul Batten Crawley Wheelers 1.06.52
15 Anthony Grey Crawley Wheelers 1.13.40
18 Iain Duncan Crawley Wheelers 1.15.25 (punctured)

Road bike event
10 Adrian Riddle Crawley Wheelers 1.30.15

1st Team - Crawley Wheelers
2nd Team - South Downs Bikes

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