14 Mile Sporting Time Trial #2

19 Aug 2021 at 19:00
Faygate station carpark

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Awesome sporting TT course

Distance:14.06 miles
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The Crawley Wheelers end of season 21 Mile TT was an eventful evening.
Mark Smith started the event in true Chris Froome style having to run, with his bike back to the car to sort a mechanical.
Simon managed to get lost whilst putting out the signs, however, the riders managed to stay on track. There were plenty of marshals and supporters out on the course.
Paul smashed the course record by 15 seconds from Mark’s time set 2 years previously and Lucy took an amazing 6 minutes off her previous best.
A great time was had by all. Next week we are back at Faygate for the 14mile TT. Hope we can see more of you there.
Your times are:
1. Paul Newsome 50:11
2. Mark Smith 51:29
3. Matt Lendon 1:00:41
4. Sam Cheesman 1:01:18
5. Mark Penfold 1:01:28
6. Sam Bird 1:03:12
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