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Just the buzz of pushing yourself to the limit to get a better time than the last time you rode is a real addiction’

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Below is some general information regarding riding and racing a Club Time Trial and an Open Time Trial. If you need further assistance or have any questions please contact us on the Time Trial Contact section.

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Crawley Wheelers Club Time Trial Result. 27/7/2017 Course G10/57

Posted on Jul 28th, 2017 - By Mark Penfold

Well done to all the riders who turned up on what was definitely not the nicest, or fastest, of evenings. Thanks to Mike, Bet and Gary Smith for…

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Nigel Langridge

Time Trial Secretary


Whatever type of time trial you are entering, club or open, you must be a member of a club that is affiliated to Cycling Time Trials (Which the Crawley Wheelers are) Being a BCF or CTC member does not generally qualify you to ride time trials unless your BCF Division or CTC District Association is affiliated to CTT.

Entry to Club events is usually just “entry on the line” on the day of the event. You will be required to sign a Club Entry Form, and if you’re under 18, you must show the organiser a Parental Consent Form.

Entry to an open event, on the other hand, must be by an official CTT Entry Form, with a closing date that is usually just under two weeks before the event. If the event is over-subscribed, the fastest entrants (assessed on their qualifying times for the relevant distance over the last three seasons) will be accepted, unless otherwise specified. If you are under 18, your parents must sign the Parental Consent Form.

Once your entry has been accepted, you will receive a start sheet a few days before the event giving details of the course, prizes and your starting time. After the race you will receive a result sheet showing where you finished and confirming your official time.

There are three club competitions within the TT racing calendar and these are below.

Evening Points Competition Points awarded for the Evening 10 Mile Time Trial that takes place on G10/57 or G10/58 from May – August. The points range from 30 for winning down to 1 point and the trophy is awarded for the member that has the most points at the end of the season. The winner for the 2013 season was Mark Penfold with 236 points, just missing 3 races in the calendar of 12 and taking the title off 4 year winner Rupert Robinson.

TT Evening Points League 2015

All Members Cup  There are eight races for the AMC and these are all open TT’s that consist of distances inc 10,25,50 & 100 miles. The races are entered two weeks in advance are are on a variety of different course in and around Sussex. 11 points are awarded for winning down to 1 point and the winner for the 2013 season was Hilary Harber with 31 points.

TT All Members Cup League

Club Events Competition This competition is all the non evening 10’s and the odd distance TT’s the club has and this includes the 14, 21.7, 2-up Team Time Trial, 41.59, and the New Years Day 10. 30 points for winning down to 1 point, as above the rider with the most points wins the trophy. Rupert Robinson makes it 5 years in a row this season with 198 points.

TT Club Events Standings 2015

The Bicycle – There are some restrictions regarding the equipment that you can use. Brake levers must be positioned so that you can get to them quickly from your normal riding position. Triathlon bars with forearm supports may be used. You can use a solid disc wheel at the rear of your bike, but not on the front. Deep-rimed wheels and composite spoked wheels (e.g. tri-spokes) may be used in either or both positions. Under no circumstances may streamlining devices be used.

Clothing and Advertising – Time triallists usually wear either a short-sleeved racing jersey and cycling shorts, or an equivalent one-piece suit (Skinsuit). Sleeveless tops are not permitted. The wearing of a hard-shell helmet is recommended for all, and is compulsory for juniors.

Whether you are allowed to carry advertising logos depends on the type of event, and on your club. In a club race it’s simple: you can carry any advertising you want. However, in an open event you can carry advertising only if you are a member of a CTT-registered sponsored club, or you are a member of a UCI-registered professional team.

Manufacturers’ logos on their products are fine.



TT Evening Points League 2015

TT Club Events Standings 2015

TT All Members Cup 2015 League

All The Above – Club Comps 2015

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