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March 12th, 2017

East Surrey Hardriders 29.9m TT

A good day out Time Trialling from the Wheelers today in a high quality field at the E Surrey Hardriders 29.9m TT. Thankfully the weather was much better than forecast.
2nd place team (Me, Rupert Robinson & Stuart Nisbett) with the same three also 2nd Vets team on standard. Ride of the day though was Dorin Cam who took 3rd in the road bike category.
Great to see 3 women racing too – well done Sharon Chladek, Sabina Hickmet & Denise Page.
Thanks for the support Lee Pendlebury, Ray Holden & Paul Byford.
1st John Dewey (Team Botrill) 1.02.53
2nd Pat Wright (Paceline RT) 1.04.05
3rd Liam Maybank (Twickenham CC) 1.04.13
4th Jamie Pine (Sigma) 1.07.04
5th Tom Pritchard (Hampshire RC) 1.07.03
7th Mark Smith (Crawley Wheelers) 1.07.46
27th Rupert Robinson (CW) 1.13.20
29th Stuart Nisbett (CW) 1.14.02
35th Dorin Cam (CW) 1.14.58
81st Sharon Chladek (CW) 1.30.52
84th Sabina Hickmet (CW) 1.33.47
88th Denise Page (CW) 1.42.25
DNS Chris Joliffe (CW)

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