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Cyclo-cross or just ‘cross’ is bike racing on a mixture of tarmac, grass, trails, basically anywhere and can include steep hills and obstacles, which require riders to dismount and carry their bike and then quickly remount.

It’s generally an Autumn/Winter sport with the main season starting in early September continuing through till mid-February.

The Crawley Wheelers have a strong cross team which features national championship medallists and Sussex League Champions. Riders regularly taking part in the London Cross League, National Trophy Series and National Champs. We also host the annual LCCA Team Championships each year.

Cross is a huge sport over in Belguim and the Netherlands with huge crowds turning out to watch the best riders in the world whilst necking Belgian beer and chowing chips.

See below for info on events, race formats and what kit you need.

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Dougie Fox

Club President and Cyclocross

M 07808 248060

The cross season starts in September (apart from the summer series) and ends in February. Some sessions will be held in August to practice basic skill to help you race and enjoy yourself.

Most races are multiple laps round a course and are between 30 mins and 1 hour.

The courses vary but most you can ride round with the occasional dismount to carry or push your bike For more info contact Dougie Fox Email:

Latest Cyclo-Cross Events


Crawley Wheelers Cyclo Cross event is the London Cyclo Cross Association Team Championships (LCCA Team Champs) held at Great Walstead School, Lindfield on 9th February 2014. Dougie Fox is the event organiser and will be looking for help closer to the time.

LCCA Event details can be found on the London X League web site. London cross league

British cycling organise a series of National events called National Trophy Events, these events are country wide and attract the top riders from across the country. Some of the Wheelers will be racing here. National Trophy series

The National Championship for the 2013/4 season will be help at Derby, more details are here. National Cross Champs

Eastern Cross League link Eastern Cross Leaguee

Central Cross League link Central Cross League

South Cross League link Southern Cross League

To race cyclo cross you will of course need a bike with off road tyres. A Cyclo-cross bike or mountain bike can be used in London League events with out any difficulty.

You will also need a bicycle helmet, your normal cycle gear will do but remember that this is a winter sport and hands and feet can get a tad cold.

For local events a day licence can be bought for £3, that is unless you have a British Cycling racing licence

Speak to any of the lads who race for more info or contact Dougie Fox to get his enthusiastic slant on cross racing.

Experience While no special experience is necessary it is always helpful if you can ride a bike on the muddy stuff. If not then Dougie Fox runs some skills sessions where experience riders and novices can all learn something new.

Some events also feature novice races for beginners.

If you are new to cross it is better to start at the back and it wont be long before you are overtaking other riders.

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