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June 16th, 2017

Club Evening TT Result. 15/6/17 Course G25/54

Some good results recorded on a warm but windy evening. Well done to Mark Emsley, who has recently joined as a 2nd claim member, on taking a comfortable win. Kudos to Chris Woods who was on his road bike for his first 25 time trial and wasn’t too far off the hour.
A big thanks to Mike and Bet, Keith Butler and Graham Bourne for timekeeping/pushing off and to all the people who marshalled the roundabouts for us.

1 Mark Emsley 52.15
2 Paul Byford 55.21
3 Nick Jenner 55.52
4 Rupert Robinson 56.28
5 J. Ryan (G) 1.00.58
6 Chris Woods 1.01.51
7 Mark Penfold 1.02.52
8 Sarah Phelps 1.03.48
9 Trevor Montague 1.05.48
10 Sharon Chladek 1.07.51
11 Andy Richardson 1.10.14
12 J. Robson 1.13.21
DNF Craig Swatton

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