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August 2nd, 2017

05 Aug Inaugural Saturday C ride

The inaugural Saturday C ride launches off the start ramp this coming Saturday the 05th, with a trip to the Art Deco Brighton City Airport, more commonly known as Shoreham Airport.

The vital stats are;

i) Ride Capitano : Kevin Hinton

ii) Departs : Affogato, Crawley

iii) When : 09.00 sharp departure, be there or miss out!

iv) Speed : Guideline speed 16-17mph average

v) Route :

vi) Destination : Shoreham Airport cafe

vii) Distance & Elevation : 89km / 950m

* Respect the ride captain * Respect the road * Ride like the wind and enjoy *

General Info – What is the Saturday C ride?

The Saturday C ride is a new ride that the club has introduced to cater for the ever growing club membership.

It will run along the lines of all the other club rides being a no drop ride, re-group on hills with a cafe stop.

It is there for those members who have and will progress through the Saturday ride structure and want to push themselves a bit more.

Ride guidelines are;

* Speed : 16-17mph average

* Distance : 45-65 miles so circa 70-110 kms

Is this ride suitable for me?

If you’re a Saturday B ride regular and can ride 20-25 miles solo at around the bottom end of the guideline speed then you’ll be fine.

Have a look at the elevation involved and pick a Saturday C with less elevation as it’s always the hills that get you. As a rough rule of thumb 100m/10km elevation/distance is a reasonably flat ratio.


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